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A brief history of the Marathi language

A brief history of the Marathi language

Language is a basic necessity of everyday life because it is how we communicate with each other. There are more than 7000 languages globally, and 40% of the languages are now in ashes.

Marathi is a language devoted to Maharashtrians and is also called the language of Maharashtrian people. Marathi is just like Hindi, with a little bit of change in pronunciation and words. Type in marathi by using english to marathi typing tool.

Marathi is a language that belongs to the Indo-Aryan era and also to their family.

Marathi is a language that is derived from early-stage Prakrit. The language is also one of the most spoken languages in India.

There is confusion that Sanskrit and Maharashtra language has a relation, but there is not a single thing that has a connection between Marathi and Sanskrit language. Marathi is derived from various other languages and is also a mixture of multiple languages. It is a fact that Marathi and Hindi are related, and they sound like each other.

Marathi is an easy language to learn but a hard language to write. If a person speaks Hindi, then he can understand the Marathi language because of similar words. Marathi language has similar words then Hindi, and also written like the Hindi language. These languages do not have any correlation between them.

Marathi is also a language that is famous for its elegant texture and words. Marathi is the fourth most spoken language in India. Maharashtrian People mostly use Marathi as their tongue language.

The Marathi language is also the 15th most spoken language globally, and it is also said that the Marathi language has more than 90 billion speakers. The Marathi language is derived from a very early stage and is around 1300 years old. Marathi has various word that has a relation with Sanskrit. Marathi is not an evolved form of Sanskrit.

Marathi language and Hindi language has a keen relation with each other, and a person speaking Marathi or Hindi can understand any language. Marathi language consists of 16 Vowels and also has 36 Consonants. The Marathi language also consists of various vowels, which parted into two portions. The language has 12 vowels in each. The Marathi language has 36 consonants add are divided into groups. The Marathi language has different dialects such as –

· Ahirani

· Khandeshi

· Farhadi/Vaidarbhi

· ZadiBoli

· Vadvali

· Samaveda

· Konkani[not Konkani language]/Malvani.

· Tanjore Marathi

The Marathi language has various scripts, and it’s two of them are Devanagari and Modi. Devanagari is one of the most famous transcripts in India. There are 25 languages across Maharashtra, but it is a strange fact that none of them is an involved or better form of Sanskrit. It is also said that Sanskrit is not a language that derives all other languages.…