5 Ways Your Dog Communicates With You

5 Ways Your Dog Communicates With You

Everyone wishes to talk with their dog in their language. Well, it’s not possible to date. But we can understand the dog’s language based on their body movement. Like sign language, the dogs have certain body movements and sounds, which will let you know what they are trying to say. If you are having the dog for more than a few years or have a perfect emotional bonding with them, you will understand the same without any issues. Though, you can use devices like BarxBuddy intially to make a bond with your dog.

But if you have got a new puppy in your house or want to know what the street dogs in your area are trying to say, then you should understand the dog’s language. There are many ways your dog communicates with you. They might share affection or try to tell you their problems. If you are smart and vigilant enough, then you can communicate with your dog effectively. In this post, we are sharing the ways by which your dog communicates with you. After learning the ways to communicate with the dogs, you can have a good bond with them.

How to Understand Dog’s Body Language?

#1 – Bringing anything

Dogs are very generous, and they will bestow their love and affection to the people they like. They have different ways to express love and gratitude. When your dog comes to you with absurd things in his/her mouth, you should understand that they are offering gratitude. Dogs love weird things, and when they bring you the same, they are offering you their unconditional love. Some may give you the gifts, and some may only show you their favorite thing, which might be cute or absurd for some people. But that’s the way dogs communicate.

#2 – Tucking the Tail

You might see the dogs standing on the front two feet and tucking their tail inwards. This is the sign that your dog is not feeling confident. When the dogs are nervous in certain situations, they will tuck their tail. Having unfortunate situations in the house, visiting the veterinary doctor, getting into an argument with a bigger dog, or getting harassed by other pets in the house will make your pets tuck their tail inwards. So, the best way to calm them is to pet the dog. Petting them or cuddling them will help them understand that you love them and take care of the situation.

#3 – Whining

The most difficult thing to understand in dogs is whining. Dogs can whine for various reasons, and you should also check for multiple reasons why they whine. They might whine when they have to go to the bathroom. Also, they might be thirsty and hungry. They might whine in case of any injury or even sadness. As a vigilant owner, you should first assess the situation and interpret the meaning of their whining accordingly. This is the most difficult thing to understand, and now you might be able to understand the meaning of their whining.

#4 – Shaking the Head

When you are petting your dog on his head, and he suddenly shakes or moves his head away from you. This happens with almost everyone, and you should take it seriously. This communication style has different meanings, but the most prominent meaning is that you are petting them too hard or have injuries. When something hurts them in the head, the dogs will violently shake their head, try to scratch it with the paws, or even not allow you to touch the same. Also, they might do the same after getting tired of your petting. If you are petting them when they feel sleepy, they’ll do the same, signaling you to leave them away to sleep peacefully.

#5 – Statue Position

Sometimes while playing, the dog will suddenly stop and look in one direction in a statue pose. This is not common for most people, as it’s quite a rare position. The dogs do it all the time, but rarely in the presence of humans. The statue position by the dogs means that something is not good in the environment. When they sense something that is beyond our comprehension, they will stand in a statue position. This position signifies their reaction or analysis of the input they’ve received. They might have smelled something or heard something, which is alarming for them. Also, they might do the same after sensing some natural sounds like earthquakes or lightning.

Final Words

The dogs are smarter than the humans. With all the fierce and emotional instincts, they have blended with the human race for a long time. The humans cannot understand them fully, but the dogs have already understood everything about the humans. These are some of the ways by which your dog communicates with you. Provide them with the appropriate response, and they’ll be happy to bestow their unconditional love with you.

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