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4 Best Linux Mini PCs That You Can Buy Today

4 Best Linux Mini PCs That You Can Buy Today

A Linux-based Mini PC would be the perfect replacement for that bulky desktop computer as it provides the same functions with better quality within a compact-sized but powerful Mini PC. A mini PC is a relatively new concept, for both the market and the individuals – people are more comfortable with either laptops or desktops. This new gadget, however, has the potential of taking over the best in the segment as it fairly competes with traditional desktop computers that are huge in size and have even huger CPUs that require a lot of space adjustments, with the fan blowing hot air all the time. On the other hand, these Mini PCs are hardly 4” or 5” in size and fit easily on a moderately-sized table. Those who prefer desktop PCs for gaming purposes should also look towards mini PCs as more comfortable and convenient. They may be small, but their power is more than sufficient for every purpose possible, with specifications that already beat the best from the traditional desktop market. Here are the four best Mini PCs that have Linux installed for your reference.


ONE is a good example of a Linux based Mini PC that packs a lot more power and capacity than the traditional systems. Combined with the eighth generation Intel processor, the system packs quite a punch. The system boasts of M.2 SSD support of storage with a capacity of 500 GB and an extra capacity of cranking this storage space up to a whooping 2 TB, making for a great Mini PC that is perfect for intense computing tasks. The RAM capacity can also be amped up to 16 GB; it has an HDMI port that is ever ready for a 4K screen. There are also options available for choosing a previously installed Linux OS – Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Manjaro etc. If you want to use this system for multimedia purposes as well, it is better advised that you install the Ubuntu Multimedia Center for better reception. The specifications overview include a 8th generation Intel processor i5 or i7, a graphics processing unit of Intel UHD 620 (with capacity of 4K support), stretches up to 16 GB RAM with an M.2 SSD till 500 GB, an HDD that can go up to 2 TB, WiFi, an HDMI port and two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports and a USB Type-C port also.

MintBox Mini 2 and Mini 2 Pro

The new MintBox Mini range is a favored and ‘official’ hardware system that works as crowd favorite of the Linux Mint range. These versions come with Intel Celeron J3455 processor, 8 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD that allow the processing to be much faster than the usual Mini PC. A stunning Intel HD graphics 500 is also present on the system and combined with HDMI + miniDP support. The only difference between MintBox Mini and Mini 2 Pro are the SSD capacities – 64 GB and 120 GB SSD respectively for both. Another aesthetic feature of the MintBox range is the full metal casing that also provides it the added benefit of quick heat dissipation, thus reducing the chance of overheating. As a difference from traditional computer, these PCs have no fans and are completely silent. The version is roughed up for working in the industrial atmosphere, and therefore is also resistant to pollutants such as dust and humidity that may compromise with its efficiency. There is also a 5 years unconditional warranty, in case you are not satisfied with the services provided. The systems come already installed with the latest version of Linux Mint, but you can always install any preferred version of Linux distro (a specific distribution of Linux that has the foundation of a common Linux operating system but with added features to one’s preference) – for example, you can install Windows 10 on the MintBox Mini Pro.

Endless Mini

This is yet another Linux manufacturer that also has their version of Linux distro. They offer a line of mini-computers which run specifically on the Endless operating system (OS); the OS is more common as a home-centric distro. The costs associated with the purchase are minimal and casual, light tasks of everyday can be done on this system. This means that for demanding tasks, it is best advised that this system should not be your preference. The specifications are an Amlogic® S805, Quad Core, ARM® Cortex A5 processor, 1 GB – 2 GB RAM, a 24 GB storage, 32 GB SSD, a Mali®-450 GPU graphics processor and the Endless OS.


TUXEDO computers are invested in building the perfect custom built PCs and notebooks for those in need. The Nano V8 is a Linux based mini PC that also comes with Ubuntu or the Ubuntu Budgie OS. Armed with an eighth generation Intel processor, the 32 GB RAM allows for a powerful mini PC. There are options for low-end configuration if that is more suited to your needs and you only want the system for basic computing tasks. It has the capacity for the addition of M.2 SSD that combines with HDD for faster storage and better performance with no lags. If you need to connect two 4K screens to this system, that too is a go-ahead. The overview of specifications include an i3 or i7 Intel processor from the 7th or 8th generation with integrated Intel HD Graphics, a capacity up to 32 GB RAM, an M.2 SSD slot for increasing storage, WIiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 capacities, four USB 3.0 ports and the capacity for two HDMI 2.0a 4K screens.

More Tips on Saving Money and Setting a Budget

More Tips on Saving Money and Setting a Budget

We have all had to tighten our strings once in a while as we felt the money flowing out more than it flowed in. Each individual’s strategy of dealing with cash troubles is different; some set up withdrawing limits to curb heir impulsive spending, others start writing down their expenses and yet others keep spending in the hopes that it gets better (spoiler alert, it does not). Here are some tips that can help all kinds of requirements in terms of budgeting.

Establish a Budget

The list starts the hard way – to set up a budget that calculates your expenses and sources of income so as to set a mid-way of fund allocation that can ensure you have some set aside for the occasional splurge. The easiest way to realize your spending habits is to make sure that you collect the receipts of all your purchases and pin it up on a board. You can always make a note of the purchase as well but chances are you might forget in the hustle and bustle and then forget the transaction happened. Once you get the receipts, try to separate them into categories like groceries, eating out, personal care or books so that you are able to draw a clear path as to where you spend the most. Online banking apps make this a much simpler exercise – casually viewing the expenditure in these categories can be the shocking reminder you need to continue with this list.

Save for both the short-term and long-term

Don’t just think about the shoes you want by next month when you save money – also think about the mutual funds or bonds you wanted to invest in that gives long-term yields and secure your future. When you put in a purpose, it is easier to rein your habits. It could be a shoe now; it can be college fees or even travel later. Here, the idea for automatic savings sounds like a good idea. Since the money goes directly from your account, there is no chance of you diverting it elsewhere. Also, it helps tremendously that you have a process set in place at regular intervals which makes following it much easier. You can always ask your employer to divert some part of your salary into a retirement or savings account. If you don’t have an employer, set a process for yourself and make sure you follow it.

You are never too early to save up for retirement funds – no one’s current wealth is the single source of their future security; you need to utilize the helpful tools of simple and compound interest.

Emergency funds

This stage is very important – as unpredictable life gets, there is no need to convince anyone on the necessity of setting up such a fund. Ideally, it should be four to five times of your monthly income – if this seems like a huge amount at first, start with a small amount and build up. Don’t take too long to set the fund up and don’t touch this fund unless it is an actual emergency.

Divert and save

Whenever you get tax refunds or bonuses at work, any lottery winnings or even inheritance payouts do not consider this as free money and splurge it. Save a significant portion into your savings account or retirement plan, maybe even your emergency fund. You know what is better than free money? Getting that money back after 10 years with a good interest rate that might even go above and beyond the inflation rate to get you a profit!

Put aside the coins

This might seem a simple tip, but putting aside the spare change can actually build a good amount of a period. Do this daily for a year and you could be halfway through to your emergency fund.

Use the 24-hour rule

We all know the negative side-effects of impulsive spending and immediate gratification. Online shopping has only made it worse as you don’t have to even step out and wait to find something you like. Try to manage a deal with your unruly side – give yourself 24 hours before you purchase anything that you’re convinced is non-essential. Leaving yourself time to cool manages to wipe away most of the heat and adrenaline rush and this allows your brain to make more sensible decisions. Another tactic would be putting proportional amounts into your savings when you do splurge on something. If you bought a dress that can only be worn once for that one party, put in the same amount into the piggy bank – often, the buildup of such actions can discourage you from spending again.

Use hour money

This is much like counting the calories of the food item before you consume it, but here’s how this is useful. Before you buy an item, divide its price by the hourly wage you earn; use this to find out the number of hours you would have to work to pay this off. This mental image often provides a disturbing mental image and a big incentive to not spend impulsively.


Set reminders everywhere. If you have a daily spending limit, keep to it with something as simple as putting alarms. Get the reminders on your credit cards and even debit cards. If you have managed to stick to your goal – or (gasp) below this goal – give yourself some appreciation NOT by spending over the top again but through some colorful sticky notes and maybe a small cupcake, because you deserve it.

Cards and envelopes

Always remember to pay off in full what is accumulated on the card. Believe us, once you start to ignore, the ‘ignorance is bliss’ adage kicks in real quick. Better yet, set a certain amount aside in an envelope that is your allowance for miscellaneous purchases and train yourself to believe that once the money in the envelope is gone, it is gone.

7 Latest Tech Gadgets Which You Should Try

7 Latest Tech Gadgets Which You Should Try

Who isn’t excited about new technology? We always want to know about the innovations and steps taken forward that companies keep saying is for our advantage. All those movies that talk about artificial technology and smart robots taking over the world and making us their slaves – or even what Sophia said – is not enough to deter us from pushing the existing boundaries and limitations every day. Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and blockchain, among other innovative procedures, have stepped forward within every sector where they have been made good use of to attempt and adjust towards the needs and preferences of an ever-changing society that eagerly looks forward for inventions and discoveries that promise to make life better and more productive. Towards a future where we will have chips inserted into our bodies that will assist in everything as an all-encompassing piece of technology, here are some gadgets that you should be excited about.

The Mophie Juice Pack Access

Practicality is the key word for today’s technological innovation. In an attempt to constantly evolve and adapt, the Juice Pack access allows one to charge their Apple iPhone without covering up the Lightning port, which means you can charge your phone while listening to music through wired headphones. It’s a portable charging case as well and the pack gets its power from any Qi charging pad that is wireless or including the charging cable and gives you a stunning 31 hours of battery life. It is also manufactured in a sleek version but with enough durability and strength that will protect your phone. It fits the Xs, Max, Xs/X and XR iPhone versions.

Waverly Ambassador Translator

Escape the traps of knowing just one language and the false perception that everyone must know English with this brilliant gadget that aims at saying goodbye to monolingualism. Every traveler must carry one of these gadgets around to escape the limitations of not knowing another language – or you could simply use this within your neighborhood to converse with and make friends. The device, designed by Waverly Labs, translates the speech on the spot. The easiest way to use this device would be to strap one end of it to your ear, hand the other to the person you wish to talk to for them to strap it on their head and voila, you can talk away in your language and not worry about them not being able to understand you. The device is still in its early version but you can indulge and feel linguistic boundaries reduce.

Moodo Smart Diffuser Bundle

Here’s to smelling good – Moodo has constructed this aroma diffuser with the capability of personalizing it to your preferred scent which is made possible through four scent capsules that are easily interchangeable through a smart version of technology that can be controlled at any preferred distance. And because travel sizes are very important, the MoodoGo device does the same task but within a smaller sized device. It can only hold one scent capsule and requires a steady USB power supply but is made for those cramped spaces and car cup holder spaces that just need some good smell.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Keeping it cool can mean both in terms of staying under the shade and having good taste in music. With this in mind, Bose combined two favored things – sunglasses and wireless earbuds – for the perfect sunny day. The frames use Bluetooth technology to stream music from your phone and play it into the earbuds, which no one else can hear but you. Check out these beautiful speakers and different frames for your sunglasses.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones

There is no need to advertise the purpose of wireless earphones, as the market is filled with various cheap and pricey, quality and not-so-quality versions of the same. However, this version by Beats promises better – these wireless sport headphones combine the benefits of clear audio with workout-required strength and durability in battery life that allows it to function smoothly with no hitches along with a sleep charging case that is portable. They also provide the benefit of continuing wherever last paused – podcasts or music.

Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses

Don’t like what you see in the real world? Now, get the option to place virtual content right over it and see what you like. With these pair of glasses, you look almost like any other person on the street except for the fact that the glasses are specially made to provide a completely encompassing experience of light, spatial sound and visuals at 1080p display along with voice control. The best part is that all of this comes without having to put any bulky headset on the top of your head.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Motorcycle

Saving the best for the last, Harley-Davidson came out with an electric version of their famous motorcycle, called the LiveWire. The product is aimed at environmentally-conscious youngsters and those of other age-groups who prefer a quiet machine for clean driving over the sounds. This is a new demographic of motorcycle riders that the company is aiming for. Users don’t have to worry about the machine being manual – there is no clutch or even the gear-shifting process that is required for the acceleration. It is quite an innovative precedent and will gain a lot of space in markets with consumers that are young and prefer to be responsible about the environment along with countries that are advocating better usage of Basel VI norms for introducing electric vehicles, such as India.

23 Kitchen Gadgets that are Crazy Enough to Work

23 Kitchen Gadgets that are Crazy Enough to Work

When we talk about the kitchen, it gets a super large list as it contains a lot of things like making food, cleaning, baking, and others. While gadgets have made our life easier with their technology and other skills, making us going smart and getting more and more every day. One thing is for sure with gadgets they will never stop evolving, and it’s not just technology and they have made our kitchen life easy and cooking fun with cool ideas and innovation.

So let’s see 23 kitchen gadgets that are just crazy enough to work.

A rolling watermelon slicer: Let’s start our journey with this amazing you can even find on Amazon, the basic idea is to give you perfectly sliced watermelon peace with little effort of just pushing the slicer to the front.

Knife and cutlery cleaner: The cleaner brush comes with lots of bristles that are symmetrically shaped so that it can clean every part of that cutlery.

Smart cutting board: Why get a cutting board when you can go and have a smart Cutting board that will show you the weight of the things that you are cutting. It comes with an in-built knife sharpener, and also a timer so what else you will need in a cutting board.

Universal colander: This one is really great as it fits all kinds of pans and pots with its clip-on technology and lets you get a really great colander getting you water separated from your food.

Whisk cleaner: The gadget is really great that will help you clean your whisk that when it gets sticky food left and help you save that food.

Chopping board: How about having a chopping board that will fold? Cut your vegetables and then when you want to put them in the pan, just fold it and it will be easy for you to take them out.

Spill stopper: The simplest idea put into a gadget, it’s really great for stopping your water from boiling and getting all over the kitchen and making a mess. The stopper can fit any pot and let you have a spill-free cooking.

Engraved roller: Why have just simple chapatis and dough? When you can get one where you have this design engraved. Well, now you can with engraved rolling pin.

Bagel slicer: Nope bagels are not donuts, they both different. Anyways people who know that different than this gadget for you a slicer especially for your bagel.

Snow globe shaker: I really love this one as why wouldn’t I? I love snow globes and having them as my salt and pepper shaker when I can store my salt and pepper and sprinkle it.

A finger protector: If you not a chef then this is what you need. Professional chefs are working faster as they practice a 3 finger technique that saves their finger always form cutting. But if you are not a chef then use this as it is basically based on how a chef would use its finger to protect them. Having this you don’t have to worry about your fingers getting cut.

2-in-1 tongs: Get your food cooked with this spatula and then also serve it by grabbing it with its special tongs. This is one of the best spatula ideas you will ever see in the market.

A butter churner: Get your cream into a smooth butter, with this awesome butter churner. It comes with a handle and simple rotation to make your cream into butter.

Herb stripper: This lets you separate your leaves and stem from your herbs. The herb stripper comes with different sizes of holes for different stems.

Splatter screen: The foldable splatter screen helps you protect your hands while frying any kind of food.

Cutlery holder: Get your spoons, spatulas and whisk all in one place so you don’t have to worry about looking for them. Keep them safe in this great cutlery holder.

Silicone cleaning gloves: Cleaning never been easier with your scrubber, but with this cleaning glove just for your soap into them and start cleaning without any worries.

2-in-1 skimmer plus tong: The great idea of letting you have a skimmer spoon to separate your oil and also grab them above it with a thong so won’t fall.

Honey dispenser: Use this honey dispenser and get perfect layers of honey on your pancakes or other food.

Automatic pan stirrer: Making food never been so easier before with this easy automatic stirrer you can forget about stirring your food and rest and let this do your job.

Weighing spoon: This is great for people who love to cook now get your perfect weight of spices and ingredients in your food with this weighing spoon.

Rotating peeler: Peel anything from your potato to apple With this rotating peeler.

Cutting board with colander: Place this cutting board over your sink and wash your vegetables on the colander part, then cut them there only with the other part of cutting board.…

Home Theatre Setup with Home Theatre Setting

Home Theatre Setup with Home Theatre Setting

Home theatres had always been considered a form of luxury – the effects they had on adventurous and adrenaline-rushing films were the rare displays in theatres that most middle-class families visited maybe once in two or three months, or just for special occasions. Now, the home theatre system has almost become a constant and the affordable prices along with the multiplying effect they have on the enjoyment of a film make them a necessity in most homes. Here’s a guide to help you plan the best version of a home theatre, the type of version you want, speakers, TV and the best audio electronics.

There are three things you must keep in mind for the best home theatre setup – a surround sound system, a broadband Internet connection and the biggest HDTV (High Definition) or UHDTV (Ultra High Definition) you can afford. This is followed by taking steps for optimizing and creating a unique home theater system. The first step is to decide on what type of home theater audio system would best suits your needs within the limits of the wallet.

The home-theater-in-a-box system has five surround sound speakers, a disc player or amplifier and a subwoofer (enhances the low frequency range of the ordinary loudspeakers) – all of this is sold as a single unit and includes the required wiring for setting the system. The sound bar is a long thin bar that contains several loudspeaker drives and many models also include the separate component of subwoofer, which may or may not be wireless. There is also the component system that has an audio or video receiver, the necessary speakers and any other source components required, like a disc player. Finally, there are the component separates which are systems that are made for replacing the receiver with the separate component of preamplifier or the processor and the power amplifiers.

The next step would be to build on the sound surround system. Sound forms the complete experience and the audio part are more or less equal to any other aspect in its importance. This is why you should account for the acoustics and why it is an essential part of the home theater setup. A good two-channel stereo has the ability to create a holographic space while ensuring that the sound remains in front of you and has the effect of a tangible experience. Traditional standards of 5.1 and 7.1 channel surround system can help you be more invested in the scenes before your eyes – it should have the same effect as a bass-amplifying headphone (for example, Dolby Atmos claims to use software that senses ‘objects’ around the system and the sound overhead to create sound and audio effects that makes it seem to be flowing around you. A 5.1 surround system has left, right and center speakers while a 7.1 system adds speakers to the left and right rear as well. Both systems use ‘.1’ to signify the presence of a subwoofer, which is also referred to as the low-frequency effects speaker for the lowest bass possible.

The next step is arguably the best – setting up your preferred content. The online treasure trove would definitely be the richest in content and various options to suit the preferences of every possible viewer. Video and audio options are also constantly evolving and increasing in quantity and quality. You could always go for any traditional sources on the Internet to watch content or resort to premium streaming services whose names are no synonymous with many – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and even Apple (who joined the race recently with competitive prices) are some of these examples. The basic step to begin with is a broadband connection with sufficient speed – preferably one with a download speed that remains constant at 1 or 2 Mbps (megabits per second) for normal videos, 5 Mbps for high definition videos and at least 25 for Ultra high-definition videos. Of course, this should be susceptible to change and modification, especially if there are other people within vicinity using this speed. You will require one home theater component that connects to the Internet, either wired or Wifi. This could be an audio/video receiver (preamplifier or controller), Blu-ray disc player, gaming console (if there is an existing home theater setup but none of the components are connected to the Internet, you can always add a dedicated streaming player or a digital media adapter like Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV), the TV, the Fire TV stick – most digital media adaptors require external power supply that plugs into an AC wall outlet. After this, you can use any streaming service for the desired movie.

Make sure the components provide the required services – this will be mentioned in the manufacturer’s specification sheet. Other components are better for audio usage; these connect directly to the audio system and can utilize the provisions of onscreen access and navigation effectively. Using the TV itself for multichannel audio is not the best method. Make sure the sound is routed back to your home theater system while making sure that the advanced surround formats are available, otherwise the results might be slightly unpredictable. The next step is choosing an ideal TV that goes with your expectations of providing a lifelike experience with realistic effects for both the image and the sound, it should be optimized to provide the best quality possible with the display of the TV and the speakers, there should be advanced cinema technology with the music and video fit to serve the best, there should be lots of content options possible like 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

The one final aspect that must always be remembered is room acoustics and how this can be manipulated to the best advantage of the home theatre system – this is always as important as your choices of the components of the system. Even the décor of the room should affect your decision. Once all of these are figured out with respect to acoustics, you are ready to install a home theatre.